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With Sifa-Lernwelt in ILIAS to new Quality of Qualification"

Opening presentation by  Rüdiger Reitz & Martin Schröder, IAG + BG ETEM | de+en


Probably the most complex ILIAS project at the moment: the Sifa learning world. It was created in a project that redesigned the training course for occupational safety specialists (Sifa).


Part-time in approx. 1 ½ year, full-time courses in 4-5 months - how do you ensure that learners do not only pass the learning success controls during this time, but that they actually have the necessary competences after graduation and effectively stand up for safety and health in the company? To this end, the course was completely redesigned in terms of didactics. Learning takes place in three learning locations: in seminars, in self-organised learning and in practical phases. These three learning locations are closely interlinked. The Sifa learning world, a course in ILIAS, is the central instrument that links all learning locations.


In the Sifa learning world, learners will find a wide variety of elements, among them:

  • a library with the Sifa knowledge building blocks and other materials with which they can acquire the basic Sifa expertise
  • a Sifa lounge, where they can exchange ideas with each other or with their learning companions via chat, forum or virtual classroom
  • the company 'BeiSpiel', a virtual company in which Sifa's activities are practised
  • the park of action situations with the recommended learning path


There are about 40 training providers in Germany who offer the current Sifa course. An LCMS is used in order to be able to efficiently distribute the materials and media to all training providers. The connection between the LCMS and ILIAS is made via an xAPI interface.


Rüdiger Reitz, Institut für Arbeit und Gesundheit der DGUV (IAG)

  • is a graduated economist
  • is responsible for the field of activity qualification development in the IAG
  • leads the project "Further development of Sifa education", in which the Sifa learning world was developed as a central instrument


Martin Schröder, BG ETEM

  • coordinates the training to become an occupational safety specialist (Sifa) at BG ETEM
  • acts as a learning companion in seminars and in the "Sifa learning world"
  • since 2012, he has headed the project group "Implementation of the further developed Sifa training".
  • represents the BG ETEM in various committees in the field of qualification at the DGUV

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