Typography and 'Leichte Sprache'

How authorities and companies could communicate appropriately with easy language and typography


Keynote by Sabina Sieghart in German (with simultaneous translation)       → Recorded Presentation (mp4 | with over voice)

In our literary society, reading is a basic prerequisite for participating in social life. 6.2 million adults in Germany have difficulty reading and understanding. For this group the so-called "Leichte Sprache" is recommended. But what is easy language and does it really help the target group to better understand the text?
So far, the phenomenon of easy language has been studied primarily by linguists and social scientists. The contribution of visual design to the readability and legibility of easy language has only been researched since 2016.
The keynote presents two current studies from design research which, in addition to theoretical findings, also offer concrete clues for the practice of designing easy language and show companies, authorities and scientists a way of successfully communicating with people who have difficulties reading and understanding short texts.

Sabina Sieghart (Dipl.-Kommunikationsdesignerin and MA CD Design Research) is a designer, lecturer and design researcher. She runs an office for communication design in Munich, teaches at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, among others, and works in the KD research department at the Bern University of the Arts. Her field of research is easy language and typography.

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