Call for Papers

The hosts of the 18th International ILIAS Conference in Dresden would like to invite all users of ILIAS, as well as all those interested in e-learning generally, to actively take part in this year's conference with scientific contributions or user-reports.

Contributions can be submitted in the following core topic areas:


  • Improve accessibility: How can we ease using e-learning? Which barriers and obstacles have to be removed? The focus is not only set on technical accessibility. We are looking also for contributions with a wider scope for inclusion.
  • Qualifying with ILIAS: We are looking for presentations and workshops from all fields of education and training where ILIAS is used for targeted qualification. What were the technological, didactical, content and learner-related challenges faced and how were they mastered?
  • Push user experience: Here we are interested in approaches that by way of technical, design or administrative adjustments, lead to enhanced usability for a particular target group or to a more attractive interface. Also concepts for didactic designs or user guidance that make more fun to use ILIAS are highly appreciated.
  • And the content?: Without good content the best LMS has no effect. But what is good content? Where does it come from? How to create it, get it, share it? And which are the traps in content creation? A lot of questions - we hope for good answers.
  • E-learning innovations: What are current and upcoming trends in e-leaerning? And what will be the role of ILIAS? This slot is offered to present and discuss innovative ideas and projects from a broader range of topics.


This year, contributions can be submitted in the following formats:

  • Lecture/Presentation (30'): Present your topic in a 20 – 25 minute lecture followed by a circa 5 minute discussion with your audience. All presentations in the large conference room will be simultaneously interpreted (German → English or English → German).
  • Workshop (90'): After an introductory speech, the participants should actively work on a topic and present a result at the end of the session.
  • Hands-on-Tutorial (90'): The aim of this format is to deepen the participants' understanding of a particular feature or process. Ideally the participants should be actively engaged with the feature or process being examined.
  • Best Practice Space (90'): Multiple experience-based user reports will be presented and discussed together in order to gain more insight on a specific topic.

The Call for Papers is open until midnight on April, 30th 2019. Please send your proposal to:

» Call for Papers 2019

Notice: You need to be logged in at to hand in a proposal.

We will contact you with a decision regarding your proposal until mid of May .

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